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Fall/Winter Leagues:

​     Day           Time       League Name      Starts      Team Size

  Monday    12:30pm       Seniors       Sept 11    3/Mixed

  Monday      5:10pm       Twilight       Sept 11      3/Men

  Monday      7:15pm    Merchants II    Jan 8      4/mixed

 Tuesday      6:30pm        Dollies         Sept 5     5/Women

 Tuesday      7:00pm      Med-City II     Jan 2      4/Mixed

Wednesday 12:30pm    IBM Alumni    Oct  4      3/Mixed

Wednesday  5:00pm        Gems          Sept 6     3/Women

Wednesday  7:00pm        Tri-City        Sept 6       FULL

 Thursday     9:30am    Mayo Wives    Sept 7     3/Women

​ Thursday   12:30pm        Seniors        Sept 7    3/Mixed

 Thursday     5:00pm     Red & Blue    Sept 14     FULL

 Thursday     7:00pm     Foursome II    Jan 4        FULL

 Thursday     7:00pm       Masters       Sept 7        FULL

 Saturday     8:00am        Juniors        Sept 9      3/Mixed

If you have any questions, please feel free to call us @ 507.289.2341 and we will be happy to answer them for you!

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