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  9:30am: Mayo Wives

                3 Person Teams (Women Only)

                30 Weeks

12:30pm: Seniors League (Age 50+)
                3 Person Teams (Mixed)

                30 Weeks

  5:00pm: Red & Blue
                3 Person Teams (Men Only)

                27 Weeks

  7:00pm: Masters

                3 Person Teams (Men Only)

                31 Weeks

  7:00pm: Foursome

                4 Person Teams (Mixed)

                15 Weeks

 9:00am:  Youth/Juniors Program
                4 Person Teams (Mixed)

                13 Weeks

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Adult Honor Scores

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Enjoy league bowling

Whether it's fall, winter, summer, youth, adult, mixed, or wacky leagues, Colonial Lanes has something for everyone!  League bowlers enjoy discounted shoe rental along with discounted games for practice anytime of the week!  Fill out our League Signup Form or call us at 507.289.2341 to sign-up!

Our Junior Leagues are the greatest!

Does your child love to bowl or would they like to try bowling with their friends? 

Did you know children can earn scholarship money for college bowling on a league?

Our Junior Leagues are a great way to get started!  Learn from adult bowlers in a no pressure environment with several different brackets based on ability not age.  Juniors can also earn rewards for their scores and improvements!

Contact us online, fill out our League Sign Up Form,  or call us at 507.289.2341 to join TODAY!

12:30pm: Seniors League (Age 50+)

                3 Person Teams (Mixed)

                30 Weeks

  5:00pm: Twilight 
                3 Person Teams (Men Only)
                30 Weeks

  7:00pm: Merchants
                4 Person Teams (Mixed)
                15 Weeks

  7:00pm: Dollies

                4 Person Teams(Women Only)

                32 Weeks

  7:00pm: Med-City

​                4 Person Teams (Mixed)

                15 Weeks

12:30pm: IBM Alumni (Former IBM/Spouse)

                3 Person Team (Mixed)

                23 Weeks

 5:00pm:  Gems
                3 Person Team (Women Only)
                23 Weeks

  7:00pm: Tri-City
                5 Person Team (Men Only)
                23 Weeks

Fall/Winter League Line-up